Hot, Hot, Not

A couple in their mid-30s faces sexual attraction, responsibilities and the very real threat of AIDS.

Role   Lakisha
Role Type   Starring
Director   Michelle Wilson
Film Type   Independent
Production Co.   The League AIDS
Awareness Campaign


Mardi Gras

A touching tribute from a young woman as she learns about life from a dearly departed aunt.

Role   Collette
Role Type   Starring
Director   Pharah Jean-Philippe
Film Type   Independent
Production Co.   BabyGirl Filmworks, LLC


The Dental Assistant

What happens when a young female dental assistant falls in love with a man with less than perfect oral hygiene?

Role   Pam
Role Type   Supporting
Director   John Lee
Film Type   Independent
Production Co.   Media Threat, LLC


Hottest Summer Ever

Urban drama focusing on the rise and fall of a beautiful ne'er-do-well in the city streets of New York.

Role   Simone
Role Type   Supporting
Director   John Farrington
Film Type   Indie/Audition Reel
Production Co.   Media Threat, LLC


Caged Byrd

A teen-aged girl struggles to find herself through poetry and discovers that she and her mother are more alike than she realized.

Role   Diane
Role Type   Lead
Director   Jennifer Poe
Film Type   Independent


Going Down

Hilarity ensues as three laid-off executives try their hand  at creating their first porn film.

Role   Tatiana
Role Type   Supporting
Director   Vinnie Taylor
Film Type   Independent


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